Selling Your Home Made Easy with Mammoth Property Solutions

We work with homeowners all over Mohave County with a variety of circumstances. Let us show you how we can help you with a one-on-one conversation to analyze your situation, expectations, and timeframe for selling.

Selling Your Home
is Challenging

Anyone that has sold a home before knows just how tedious and overwhelming the selling process can be. Whether you are facing a Foreclosure, dealing with Probate, Liens, divorce or just need to move because your home has too many issues to deal with. Then, to add to your stress, finding qualified buyers, multiple strangers rooming through your home, and seemingly endless paperwork the process can often be too much to handle.

We Take on that Challenge for you!

We eliminate all of the painstaking due diligence tasks and allow you to focus on what’s really important…resolving your issue at hand. If you’re wondering how to make the selling process easier, we have your answer!

Our team at Mammoth Property Solutions help provide you with options that can resolve your situation and save time, energy, and frustration. Plus, put more money in your pocket without having to do repairs, and pay realtor fees. We will remove personal belongings and debris. That means just take what you want and leave the rest to us.

Our Home
Buying Services

Cash Offer

Buying with cash allows us to buy quickly if your circumstances direct you that way. With no appraisals, zero repair casts, no commissions or other fees you can get money in your pocket and leave behind the issues at hand

Move Out Assistance

We take your home “AS-IS” no need to clean out or remove debris for a showings. You take what you want to move onto your new home and we will do the rest. Even donate items to your favorite local charity.

Home Sale Help

Today, there are a lot of reasons why people need to sell, you are not alone. Skip the hassle of listing your home. We buy outdated and distressed homes for cash. We buy old houses in need of repairs. Our team has years of experience and have helped others in similar situations. Because we pay cash, we are able to close quickly or on your schedule. Plus when you work with us there are zero agent fees or closing costs!

Inherited Property

With unexpected circumstances the last thing most of us want to do is deal with a property that we can’t keep or need to liquidate for final expenses. Life is busy enough. Let us take care of it and you can take what you want and leave the repairs and unwanted items to us.

AVOID Foreclosure

Don’t let the bank take your house. We will buy it and put money in your pocket fast. Don’t wait till it is too late. You do have options.

How It Works

Schedule a consult to sell home icon

Request a consultation to sell your home.

We are investors with a heart and truly care to help you with an option that suits your needs. Remember you are not alone. Call (928) 450-8871 for your free, no obligation consultation.


Receive a Customized Offer

Every situation is important to us here at Mammoth Property Solutions. After we talk through your situation, we evaluate your home with facts of the size of home, loans, liens, work you would do if you were staying or buying this home. The free consultation is not any sort of obligation, just possible answers to your situation.


Sell Us Your Home!

Your next step is to call us. We keep everything confidential as we ourselves have been in similar situations.


What does your service cost me?

Nothing! We do not charge you any fees to discuss your situation, make an offer, or to buy your home. This is a confidential and free consultation. No obligation ever. We are here to help.

What do you mean by any condition, price range, or situation?

Any condition is just that, for example, plumbing issues, your roof leaking, broken windows, smoke damage, full of stuff, bad foundation, mold, or a property that looks like a time capsule that needs to be updated.
In relation to price range, we buy in any price range and give you a fair offer depending on the current condition of your home.
No matter what unique situation you are going through, our team can help offer a solution and help alleviate stress.

What if I am behind on my payments, in foreclosure, or bankruptcy? Are you still able to help?

Yes, Mammoth Property Solutions, LLC is a professional real estate solutions company with years of experience in solving these types of difficult situations. Remember,  you are not alone, many people have been through similar situations. Please contact us for a free, confidential, no-obligation  consultation. No pressure ever.

How does this process work?

Basically, if you can send us pictures and provide us information about your home. We can give you a verbal offer within 24 to 48 hours. If you like the offer, we give you a written offer that you can sign. Then we close with a title company and you get your cash. We would love to meet you in person if possible but our non judgemental team can walk the property with or without you. Most everything can be handled over the phone. We try to make this fit your schedule and time frame so less stress in your life.

Request a consultation
to sell your home.